P T.  P I O N E E R  O F F S H O R E  I N D O  R A Y A
Member of Hong Hang Group

Why Work With POE

    The management and staff of POE strongly believe that enhanced customer satisfaction and continual quality improvement are roads to the sustainable success of the company. At the PIONEER OFFSHORE INDO RAYA,client satisfaction is paramount.

    1. Competitive Pricing
    POE’s pricing commitment relies on two major principles: be among the most competitive, and never increase fees.Holding offices or partnerships in most of the jurisdictions where we incorporate companies, we are able to offer prices that are transparent,intermediary free and among the most competitive

    2. Member of the leading association
    The Hong Hang Group is the major one stop marine business in Singapore, As a member of several reputable associations,such as Hong Hang Hardware Pte Ltd, Pioneer Offshore Enterprises Pte Ltd, POE Shipping Pte Ltd, Pioneer Floating Dock Pte Ltd and POE Marine

    3. Excellent Quality

    • Quality in management and staff
    • Quality in equipment
    • Quality in infrastructure
    • Quality in client support
    Achieving the above objectives leads to Excellence in Service.The Pioneer Offshore Indo Raya will continue to provide quality in all areas to ensure that your choice of POE Indo Raya is a rewarding and fulfilling one.